chocolate chip banana bread

I know I said right in the beginning that I was not a fan of cooked fruit, well that may have been a little bit of an over-exaggeration on my part as there are a few exceptions. Pineapple on pizza is one and banana bread another. And I felt I had to include banana bread on the blog so to make sure it qualified as a “chocolate recipe” I threw in a whole lot of chocolate chips.  This loaf didn’t last long in our household.

chocolate chip banana bread

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double chocolate shortbread biscuits

I was looking for something quick and easy to make as I must admit, I am not huge fan of
standing over a hot stove when its 32°C outside. So I decided to experiment and make some chocolate shortbread biscuits. They require very little effort and the results are pretty moreish. Don’t be expecting your usual cookie texture as this is shortbread – no eggs, no baking powder. If they crumble when you eat them you have done a good job. Hope you all have a wonderful week.

double chocolate shortbread

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chocolate milkshake

With the thermometer nudging 30 degrees (Celsius not Fahrenheit of course) here in London, we could all do with a bit of cooling off.  And apart from Pimms and lemonade, a great way to do that is with a milkshake.  This is a very simple recipe using milk chocolate and can be whipped up in around 10 minutes.  The addition of ice cream is vital as it gives the shake its thickness.  Hope you are all having a lovely summer (the ones in the northern hemisphere that is) and a tolerable winter in the southern.

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chocolate mousse

With summer around the corner (well at least we hope that is the case in good old Great
Britain), what better way to celebrate than with something cold and chocolatey. Take a bow – good old chocolate mousse. This was my first attempt at chocolate mousse and it turned out pretty well, even if I say so myself. So, come on summer – I need a reason to make it again!

chocolate mousse
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chocolate mud pie

My mum was over here recently from South Africa and if I thought I was a chocoholic, my mother puts me to shame. She was requesting something chocolate for breakfast, lunch and dinner! And because she is my mother I had to of course obey. I made her a few batches of brownies while she was here and another for her to take back home. And the day before she left I made her this chocolate mud pie. She loved it! I hope you do too.

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chocolate coffee cupcakes

Following on from my last post, I decided to make coffee cupcakes with a chocolate
buttercream.  As a child, whenever my mom asked me what cake I would like my answer would always be a coffee cake with chocolate icing (and caramel in between).  These cupcakes remind me of the cakes from my childhood and they taste almost as good.

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chocolate coffee whoopie pies

The whoopie pie originated in the northeast United States in the 1920’s and traditionally consists of two pieces of cake with a sweet, creamy filling sandwiched between them.  I was inspired by Mowie Kay’s whoopie pie book and decided to make these scrumptious treats.  These whoopie pies are lovely and moist and are filled with a plain, but delicious

Whoopie pies

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